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Island of Rab



Island of Rab

The island of Rab, along with Opatija, became one of the first tourist centers in the northern Adriatic and Kvarner. In 1889. the Municipal Council of Rab proclaims a tourist destination and a health resort. To make Rab a tourist destination, the geographical position of Rab is crucial. Rab has Mediterranean climate, which means mild winters and beautiful, warm summers and abundance of Mediterranean vegetation that provide protection against the sun’s rays and a unique experience of synergy of smell, taste and color. Also, Rab, thanks to its indented coast, is a proud bearer of the name of the island with the most sandy beaches in Croatia. Emerald, clean sea, beautiful natural sights such as forest parks, interesting geological formations, as well as cultural remains that date back to ancient Greece – all this makes Rab an ideal destination for a holiday and a getaway from everyday life. A mild climate is the reason why Rab became a destination for treating patients with heart and respiratory problems.

For many years now, the people have been nourishing a tradition of tourism and hospitality, so it is not surprising that the Rab Island has received numerous international and national awards in the field of tourism. In the field of national awards, Rab is proud to have the awards “Blue Flower” and “Tourist Flower”, which are prizes for quality and regulation in tourism. In the domain of international awards, we will distinguish “Quality Coast”, “Simply the best” and “Entente florale”. The people continue to make great efforts in order to provide their visitors and returnees with holidays of the highest quality standards.




Tourist places in Rab


City of Rab

The town of Rab is a city whose historical and cultural attractions have witnessed stories from ancient times by passing through its stony, narrow streets, numerous parks provide a touch with nature, and beautiful pebbly, sandy and rocky beaches provide a real break for the soul and body. Rab is a city full of content in which everyone will find something for themselves – whether it is a resting under the beach umbrellas on the city beach, walking along the roads surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, sailing the open sea, diving and exploring the underground tunnels of Rab – in any case, it leaves everyone breathless.



The city of Lopar, located on the north of the island, is best known for 22 sandy beaches – a city worth a visit. In Lopar is the most famous beach is called Paradise beach for a reason. The 2km sandy beach offers its visitors an exceptional experience of staying on this island. There you can find plenty of facilities such as beach bars, restaurants, aqua parks, sports grounds or simply find your place in the shade and enjoy the joys of the sea. Near Lopar, there is a car-camp and hotel complex San Marino which does not lack amenities for recreation and entertainment


Supetarska Draga

One of the oldest places on this paradise island, which is the center of a nautical tradition. Supetarska Draga is abundant with good restaurants, family crafts, where you can find objects of traditional production such as cakes, russian lace, biochemicals, honey, and many other items that have been produced for years in the traditional rap directions. Also, Supetarska Draga abounds in accommodation capacities – both on land and on the sea, so many sailors find their peace in one of the marinas in Supetarska Draga. In this place there is also the oldest Benedictine abbey, the church of St. Peter, who attracts lovers of art but also faithful.



Banjol is a picturesque village near the town of Rab, in a walking distance from the old town of Rab, with numerous sandy and pebble bays where you can find peace. The beaches of Padova I, Padova II and Padova III are part of the Lungo Mare promenade and hide many small coves that are large enough to spend a pleasant day in the sun and with a crystal clear sea – in privacy. Feast of St. Lucija “Šištovica” is celebrated on August 5th when the entertainment and cultural offer of this little place is at its peak.



Palit is a place which has the status of the youngest place on the island, but it does not lag behind in other tourist resorts in Rab. It is specific for a truly wide offer for its guests. The business center offers a different shopping experience, and a lot of gastronomic enthusiasts will enjoy the restaurant, Škver beach on the peninsula. Frkanj is the favorite beach of Rab locals and visitors. In the bay of Kandalora you can find the oldest naturist beach on the Adriatic.




Barbat is the first place that awaits you when disembarking from the ferry. This place is recognizable for its rich fishing tradition, so you can try fishing here accompanied by experienced fishermen. Lovers of history are very welcome in this place, because not far from Barbat, on the hill of St. Damjan, are positioned interesting remains of a Greek military fort. July 16th, during the holiday “Karmenica”, a festival is organized accompanied by a rich entertainment offer, and guests can enjoy the specialties of Barbat seafood.



Kampor is one of the few places on the island of Rab that retained the aesthetics of an old fishing village. It is located on the Kalifront peninsula, which is famous for its protected forest reserve Dundo. This forest reserve is an oasis of peace for walkers and cyclists. On the other hand, here is the most beautiful bay – Mel Bay. This bay provides a blend of rocky, sandy, pebbly and sandy beaches and bays. Our resort is located in this place, and provides its visitors with a lot of fun, sports and recreational facilities, as well as a unique gastronomic offer at one of the restaurants where local people care that organic foods are made according to traditional recipes. Kampor offers a unique holiday revealing an interesting mix of traditional fishing place and modern architecture and a wide touristic offer. Kampor is famous for the Franciscan monastery of St. Euphemia, which contains an ethnographic museum, the oldest library with more than 8000 handwritten works, and finally, the gallery of Ambrose Testen.




Mundanije are the only place on Rab which has no direct access to the sea. This charming place is characterized by tranquility and untouched nature. Here the local population fosters eco-production of products according to the traditional recipe. If you want to experience a holiday in a different way, learn how to make honey, how to knit lace, or how to make wooden objects – Mundanije are a place for you. The main attraction of this place, which attracts all eager activities, is the promenade-viewpoint on the highest peak of the island of Rab – the peak Kamenjak. From Kamenjak there is an amazing view of the whole island


Climate of the island of Rab

The island of Rab is an oasis for its mild Mediterranean climate. Mild winters with temperatures that do not go below 7 degrees, warm summers with an average temperature of 25.6 degrees and over 2500 insolative hours create ideal conditions for vacation. On the island of Rab there are only 15 cloudy, rainy days a year, and there is almost no snow on it. Sunbathing on the island of Rab is possible from May to November, because the temperature of the sea here in this period is over 20 degrees Celsius, making Rab an ideal holiday destination in the low and late seasons for those who enjoy peace and vacation outside the crowd in high season. On an average of 150 sunny days, which pass without any clouds on the horizon, they create ideal conditions for agriculture and fishing. Rab is rich with Mediterranean herbs, making this island full of aromatic herbs and spices. This climate is beneficial for the development of wine production, so we advise you to try some of the wine varieties specific to this island. Also, beekeeping has been developed in Rab, so you can find high-quality honey and honey products.


All the above mentioned advantages of the island of Rab make it one of the most visited Croatian islands. Over the years, the number of foreign visitors arrivals has been around 260,000, and over 2 000 000 overnight stays have been made during the year. The demographics of visitors to the island of Rab are widely different, but it can be said that the majority of tourists come from Germany, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. The island of Rab is extremely well connected, and due to its geographical position, the fact that you arrive to the island by ferry in just 15 minutes and expanding and enriching the tourist offer, the number of visitors is increasing every year.


Rab souvenirs

The people of Rab are characterized by a long tradition of existence, and with this comes a long tradition of crafts, production of domestic products and gastronomic innovations specific to Rab only. Everyone brings home some souvenirs from a holiday. Lots of photos and wonderful memories, but it’s nice to bring some souvenir to remember your trip and experience with Rab. The island of Rab offers its visitors numerous possibilities and workshops related to traditional objects. In the nearby village or town of Rab, you can look for workshops within local festivals or associations that hold workshops and try to build some of the traditional items yourself. If you are not prone to workshops, we bring you suggestions on what to look for in local crafts


Rab Pur

In the family OPG Rab Pur you can find cosmetic products of domestic eco-production. They offer washing soaps, face and body creams, bath salts and body scrubs made of salt, lavender and honey.



In Arthouse’s home-made work you can find glass figurines of Rab architecture, ships, lace and everything characteristic of the island of Rab


Čento e Boka

Čento e Boka is a homemade craft that is making souvenirs from a combination of sponge and olive wood. In Čento e Boka you can find containers, cups, dishes, figures and other items of interesting shapes in an interesting design. Olive tree leaves a long lasting scent that will remind you of the island of Rab for a long time.


Rab cake

Rab cake is a sweet delicacy made by a traditional recipe that is over 800 years old. This original souvenir-dessert has a secret recipe that is transferred throughout the families. In ancient times, this cake was reserved exclusively for respectable people and rich citizens, but today, birthdays, weddings and other festive occasions can not go without it. In order for this cake to be “just as it should,” it needs to be made with a lot of patience, requires a few days of work, and a secret recipe based on almonds. Take home a dash of old Rab’s tradition and share this sweet cake with dear people.


 Other souvenirs

Places in Rab are abundant with local art galleries, manufactures, family confectioneries, shops selling souvenirs. Explore them and choose and oil painting on the canvas of local sights, eco products, candles, homemade honey, homemade figs and lavender liquors, spices … The possibilities are countless.